Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Llama Lament

As you know (I'm pretty much talking to the air in front of me at this point, but bear with me, imaginary reader), I use deviantArt under the name TheUltamate. Recently, there's been some craze about "Llama Badges."

What is this I don't even-

I wish I understood the concept behind this Llama Badge ordeal. Why? What is the bloody point of this? Just recently I got ten Llama Badges, so my llama was upgraded to "Super Llama," whatever the seven hells that means. I don't get it. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS.

And I can see where this is going, too. These Llama Badges are going to turn into some lame status icon that only proves how "popular" you and your mediocre art are. Let's see:
Kris Wilson, one of the extremely funny artists for Cyanide and Happiness, has the "Ninja Llama," the fifth one.
Even though there has been no activity on her page since December 2007, Hail-NekoYasha (AKA Katide Tiedrich of Awkward Zombie) has the fourth highest, the Super Albino Llama.

There comes a point, where, believe it or not, tried and true Internet memes become (gasp!) not funny. For instance, if there was a clip of a doctor saying "Your white blood cell count is" and then it cuts in to have Vegeta say "It's" and then they splice in "under" and Vegeta continues to say "NINE THOUSAAAAAND," that would, wait, still actually be sort of funny.
I think I made a point, however mangled it may be.

I'm bored of ranting about this. Never before have I considered "Peggy Hill is down to her last pencil" to lose its luster, or I will eventually get over KroboProductions being suspended from YouTube.
I I'm going to go eat ice cream. Maybe I should actually find something to write about. But that's a whole different post.

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