Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mic Check

I figured since I can't jolly well make journals on deviantArt anymore (for reasons I don't really want or care enough about to go into), I'd get one of these newfangled bloggin' doohickeys all the whippersnappers keep talking about with their saggy pants and their basketballs...why, if that little runny nosed monster steps on my lawn again, I'll shove that basketball right up his...!

I dazed for a minute there.

I'll lurk around here meaninglessly for a while, me thinks. Maybe I'll get around to actually doing something worthwhile with my time, but I might not; who knows. I'll probably post things pertaining to something important, like the latest blunder in society or something that strikes me as being insanely awesome. I'll rant and rave and probably compile a long list of the reasons I hate humanity. I'll probably post lyrics to the songs I write under a fledgling (that's being charitable; this bird is a freshly laid egg) project a friend and I have called Tötfleisch. Oh yes, there will be umlauts.

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